Christmas ribbon is one of the most important decorations for the holiday season. Ribbon is not only used for trees and bows— it’s also used as a staple for exterior Christmas decor. Garnish the exterior of your home with a festive Christmas ribbon. It has several uses, from dressing up the front door, outside columns, or porch, to adding a festive garnish to your mailbox. With a large variety of options to choose from, we make it easy to find the right ribbon for all your Christmas needs this season.


Christmas ribbon is versatile and useful for the entire year too, not just Christmas. Are you concerned you won’t be able to use all the ribbon you purchase over the course of one Christmas season and don’t want to waste your money? Don’t worry! Because of our wide selection of Christmas ribbon colours and patterns, you are sure to find a ribbon to suit all of your needs year-round. See below for some ribbon inspiration.

Add a beautiful accent to any gift (not just for Christmas)

This may seem like an obvious point, but many people fail to realize that our Christmas ribbon can be used to add the final touches to Christmas presents and birthday presents alike. Even smaller gifts like gift cards or jewelry in small boxes can be made more beautiful with the simple but elegant addition on a neutrally, or colourfully, patterned Christmas ribbon, no matter the time of year.

Use scrap ribbon for arts and crafts

Extra Christmas ribbon can make for endless fun for the kids. Some examples of kid-friendly crafts that you could use our ribbon for include:

  • Decorating paper snakes(add colourful stripes using scrap ribbon)
  • Create Christmas tree shaped ornaments for the holidays using coloured strands of ribbon, beads, and string
  • Add a fun ruffle element and flare to your child’s lamp shade. This can be a fun project to work on together.

Make festive wreaths and home décor for every season and holiday

  • Tie a simple bow around a large glass bowl and fill it with an assortment of our Christmas ornaments to create a beautiful centrepiece for the table
  • Make large, festive door wreaths by pairing our Christmas ribbon, flowers, accents, and other décor that can be found on our site
  • You can even use a simple bow tied on the backs of chairs to add a fun element to any party or get together. Use blue and pink for a gender reveal party, rainbow colours for a birthday party, or any other colour combination that suits the theme of your event

Remember to get creative and have fun browsing our wide selection of Christmas ribbon available for purchase on our site. You are sure to find a colour and pattern to fit all your ribbon needs!